Time Out puts video screen on cover

Time Out puts video screen on cover
500-magazine run gives new meaning to mixed-media

Iconic UK listings magazine Time Out has produced a limited edition run of 500 magazines which feature a screen embedded on the front cover which can play video.

Produced in combination with screen developer Three Mobile, the branded content features snippets from a Netflix original television show, Glow.

It is one of few campaigns in the world to incorporate digital content on a printed magazine, and features play, pause, backwards and forwards buttons next the embedded screen.

American television channel CBS had previously experimented with screens on magazines, however the result was a loud, lagging video which critics say was not as effective as it could have been otherwise.

Printed electronics are becoming increasingly viable; PacPrint saw the debut of Paul Dastoor from the University of Newcastle’s solar ink technology, mass-produced cheaply printed solar cells.

As these technologies become more accessible, and cheap to reproduce, more physical combinations between print and digital will open up for marketers and print shops.


Source: Australian Printer

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