AEC confirms PIAA board

AEC confirms PIAA board
Kuhn retains presidency, with Leo stepping into vice presidency

The Australian Electoral Commission has confirmed the makeup of the new PIAA board, with a new honorary treasurer and secretary named.

Walter Kuhn has retained his role as president, with Sarah Leo of South Australia stepping into the vice-presidency. John Georgantzakos has taken the role of honorary treasurer, while newcomer Theo Pettaras is the honorary secretary.

Andrew Macaulay, CEO, PIAA, says, “It is fantastic that they were prepared to step up into those important roles. Sarah has brought some really fresh thinking to the board, and brings a lot of marketing and communications expertise. She is a compassionate person concerned about the whole of employment in the printing industry.

“John brings a real entrepreneurial flair, and a desire to see real change.

“Theo is the most enthusiastic person any of us have ever met. He is a human dynamo, and will be terrific. You could not exemplify generational change more than that executive team in terms of a well-respected, young woman, and two highly regarded entrepreneurial men. It is fantastic.”

Source: Australian Printer

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