FPLMA Awards open for entries

FPLMA Awards open for entries
Flexible packaging and label converters encouraged by association to set aside their best work

The Flexible Packaging and Label Manufacturers Association (FPLMA) has opened its annual awards for entries, closing on July 5.

Previously speaking to Australian Printer about the awards, Tony Dalleore, secretary, FPLMA, explains, “The judges are looking for innovation in the printing process, while maintaining a high level of excellence in print quality.

“The requirements of the major buying groups continue to increase and evolve, as demand continues to push the boundaries, and printers to deliver high-quality print.

“Buyers continue to put heavy demand onto printers to lift quality. The printers then push the boundaries from their suppliers to deliver outstanding quality.

“Even as presses have become faster, suppliers to the industry have become diversified, and in turn consumables on the presses have evolved in order to meet the ongoing requirements of the buyers.”

Source: Australian Printer

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